There certainly is a lot of fan fiction for "The Sentinel" on the web, isn't there?
This page is an entirely unscientific sampling of stories which have appeared at the two major gen Sentinel Archives during the past week.  The stories are out there ... what they all mean is a question for philosophers.

  The Week in Sentinel Fic
Looking back on fanfic for the week of January 29, 2000-ish



Where would Jim be without the pitter-pat of his Guide's heart? In the show, Jim has to get pretty close to reassure himself of that heartbeat. In fanfic, though, the miles are no barrier. The stories excerpted herein were archived at Guide Posts and the Cascade Library during the past week, give or take a few days.

The picture of Jim reassuring himself of that heartbeat is borrowed from Magic Moments

Ellison ignored Rafe's plea and the unkind reference to his sweetheart. He could hear his partner's increased heart rate and his gasps of pain. At that moment, a feeling of helplessness consumed him as he realized that his partner had been injured, possibly shot. Hang in there, buddy. Help is on its way. He turned his focus to the drive and how to get to the art museum in the shortest amount of time.

You Win Some, You Lose Some, by Sherrylou

Stretching his hearing across the miles, Jim found himself focusing on the steady rhythm of Blair's heart. Music and heartbeat uniting in a soothing chorus of serenity. A gentle voice trickled at the edge of his eardrum. "Jim. Hey buddy. You still with me? I think you better head to bed. I'll see you in the morning."

A Heartbeat Away by Vision

He was just trying to make out something Blair was saying, when his voice suddenly stopped. Then he realized why, as he heard footsteps going down the stairs. Listening, he determined that the footsteps belonged to three men. They seemed to be chanting something. He listened and was able to make it out. "You are the chosen. You must be prepared. You are the chosen. You must be prepared." They kept repeating it, and Jim could hear the chain rattling and the sound of Blair's heart racing and tense breathing.

Millennium Angels by Dar Hutson Scally

*Pa-thud. Pa-thud. Pa-thud.* Out there, in the crowd, Jim could hear Blair's heartbeat, and knew his Guide had to be close. He'd once read that all hearts are similar enough that there is no real way to tell apart the sounds of different ones unless they have like arrythmia or something. But facts didn't change reality. He knew he could tell Blair's heart from the others. Maybe it was because it echoed with his soul.

Lost in Forever by Effesis Pagoda

After being constantly in the company of others, he was alone at last. The silence of the loft reverberated around him. No quiet breathing from the room beneath his own. No reassuring heartbeat. No Blair. Turning to his side, Jim waited for sleep to come. Nothing.

Deadline by JET

He needed to be able to find a familiar heartbeat, a familiar scent, ahead of him. His prayers were answered as he rounded one more corner into the sale aisle and ran right into the legs of his partner. Blair was lying on his side in the aisle facing away from him, bits of electronic debris scattered over his body. Jim brushed away the pieces as he crawled up towards Blair's head, adrenaline racing as he smelled the distinctive odor of blood, but also gratefully hearing breathing and a heartbeat.

Right Place, Wrong Times by Alberte

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